Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Two Boys Kissing

Two Boys Kissing Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"We know that some of you are still scared. We know that some you are still silent. Just because it's better now doesn't mean that it's always good."

This book shattered me in the best way possible.

I picked this one up as my first read for the September Diverse-A-Thon and I really couldn't have started with a better book. The title is deceptive- this isn't just about two boys kissing. There are several boys kissing and a whole Greek chorus of AIDS victims cheering them on, crying and wishing and hoping for the very best for this new crop of Queer kids who are facing similar difficulties.

This is a slow burn book. It's a small 196 pages but it packs a punch like an 800 page novel would. I'm honest when I say I was crying by page 4.

The thing that struck me the most with Two Boys Kissing was how real the characters felt. Everyone was so well rounded, full of life and flaws and very, very distinct personalities. I was genuinely worried about how Levithan would handle a trans* character but Avery was written beautifully and the subject was handled with delicate care.

This book is important. I can't stress this enough. This book right here is IMPORTANT. I wish I had read this book as a teenager. It's full of hope for a better tomorrow for our Queer youth.

I recommend this book to everyone. Not just LGBTQAI+ community members. Everyone who has ever loved someone, who has ever felt like they had no one to love, has ever felt like they loved no one needs to read this book.

It's that important.

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